Need help, I can't connect with webdav

Hello there,

I have some problem with connection from my nextcloud to my local windows using WebDAV.

I’m using docker version nextcloud
PHP 8.0.7
Nextcloud (stable-fpm)

when I want to connect my cloud to my local via webdav it always loop to login credentials, my username and password it’s also correct.

This is the log messages when i see it from portainer

from nginx container - - [04/Jul/2022:17:47:37 +0700] "OPTIONS / HTTP/1.1"405 157 “-”“Microsoft-WebDAV-MiniRedir/10.0.17134” “-” - - [04/Jul/2022:17:47:37 +0700] "PROPFIND /remote.php/dav/files/admin HTTP/1.1"401 569 “-”“Microsoft-WebDAV-MiniRedir/10.0.17134” “-” - - [04/Jul/2022:17:47:52 +0700] "OPTIONS /remote.php/dav/files/admin HTTP/1.1"401 569 “-”“Microsoft-WebDAV-MiniRedir/10.0.17134” “-”

from nextcloud container - 04/Jul/2022:17:47:37 +0700 “PROPFIND /remote.php” 401 - 04/Jul/2022:17:47:52 +0700 “OPTIONS /remote.php” 401

what should i do?

Must you really acess from your Nextcloud server to your “local windows” using WebDAV?
Is “local windows” really a windows server with webserver and WebDAV or is it your Windows client (desktop, laptop)? If it is your windows client why do you not use the opposite way e.g. with Nextcloud client on Windows or e.g. browser to access Nextcloud server? Explain in more detail what you want to achieve.

in this case I’m just testing if webdav is working or not. Because the real case is, I want to connect NVR to the cloud server (i’m using ubuntu) using webdav.

I also have backup plan for using Nextcloud client on windows, but the storage is limited. I’ve to share the storage for cloud and windows client.

It does work with Windows 10’s WebDAV client, but I found it to be slow and finicky.

Is the purpose to use Nextcloud as the NVR storage, or to make recordings accessible via Nextcloud? In the former case, you might have better performance if you did something like store the files on the Nextcloud server via NFS and then set it up as local external storage. Ubuntu’s WebDAV client is probably better than Windows, but I still wonder how well this is going to work out.

In the latter case, you might have better luck setting up the NVR as external storage instead. That way Nextcloud doesn’t have to copy and version all the recordings.