Need Help Adding Phone Numbers for Users via CSV Upload

We have an app where we add multiple users using CSV. We can add all other details like name, email, username, password, group, and quota using their respective functions. However, we’re struggling to include phone numbers. Can anyone suggest a method to add phone numbers to users when adding them through CSV?
NextCloud Version 25

hello and welcome to the userforum of NC

your forgot to enter more detailed informations about your instance.
in order to you refusing to fill out the underlaying template we are forced to ask certain things ourselves, causing more effort to everyone trying to help you.

so here are my questions for you
where do you host your instance?
do you use LDAP?
who is “we”?
Which app do you use to do the datacollection?

more questions to come, perhaps.

Thank you, Jimmy, for reaching out. Here are the responses to your inquiries:

-Where do you host your instance?
I’m using GitHub Codespace for developing the NextCloud app.

-Do you use LDAP?
No, we’re not using LDAP, we are managing users on NextCloud.

-Who is “we”?
We refer to a team that’s developing an app for our organization.

-Which app do you use to do the data collection?
We’re not using any specific app for data collection. Instead, we’re employing UserService class to add users through various built-in functions like setDisplayName and setEmailAddress.

great… but I was rather interested in your server-instance. :wink:

which version do you run? Enterprise or community?

i’m sure you already have tested where exactly an existing phonenumber would be stored in a CSV-coded line… so what happens if you would emulate this setting… like let’s say phonenumer is the 11th column… what happens if you’d fill a line with 10 separators and then enter a phonenumber? Just for testing reasons.

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