[Need for clarification] Stream media files from nextcloud to your Android (and iOS) device with Kodi

Hello, I followed this tutorial to be able to play audio & video media from outside with Kodi (so no SMB here).

The tutorial is clear, but it is at the moment of setting the path that I can’t establish the connection (I’ve been trying unsuccessful combinations for several hours!). To understand my configuration here are some details:

  • I use the webdav https with port 443 (port 80 is blocked)
  • I don’t have a domain name, I only have an IP
  • I use Nextcloudpi and the data is stored in /media/my_data
  • My account ID is prog-amateur
  • The folder I want to stream is Music

The tutorial says :

Server address yourURL.dynu.net (don’t put https or anything here, just the main URL. My DynDNS provider is dynu.net, change this to your needs)


Remote path nextcloud/remote.php/dav/files/your_username/Music (don’t use a leading /. My nextcloud is on my server in the folder nextcloud, if yours is different you need to change this)

Port 443 (for me this doesn’t seem to matter and it actually sets itself to 0 after saving everything)

Username your_username (the same a you use in “Remote path”)

Password your_password (password for your_username)

I have tried many things, at the end the address : davs://IP_ADRESS/remote.php/dav/media/my_data/prog-amateur/Music gives nothing

How to do it, please?

Thank you very much for your help!

Here you are using the file system path of your file location while nexcloud use it’s own path arborescence.
As you are calling a php function nested in nexcloud you have to use nextcloud’s path system.
Also if the full url of your nextcloud server is in a subfolder like IP_ADRESS/nextcloud (with a path in the url) you have to specify it in the url field of kodi.

given the informations you provided the davs url should be

just tested this ok on my own server so you should be good to go :smile:
(index is very slow though)


Thank you very much, and sorry for my late reply. I have tried but could not succeed to access through davs.
My standard Nextcloud URL doesn’t contain any subfolder, for instance my NAS website is

But with Davdroid (now name is Davx5), I use

Finally, it is not as easy as I thought. I am a little bit desperate.

Hi! Do you have 2-factor verification enabled for your account? If so, logging with your user’s password will not work, you need to generate app password for kodi and use it to log in. I have actually solved the same problem. Good luck!