Need a little assistance with bulk file tagging implementation

Hello all, I am working on

Add tags to multiple files at once (bulk edit option) #10674

I need a little assistance as I am having an issue following the calls using a debugger. Per the previous discussion in the GitHub thread, the goal is to add a new item to the dropdown menu when multiple files are selected.

Looking at the move functionality for example with three files selected, I see that client.js is called three separate times and generates three different requests.

The Tag functionality could operate similarly, making three separate calls to systemtag-relations.
My thoughts are to

  • replicate the dropdown menu you see when tagging in ‘details’

  • Add a new button to the actions menu when multiple files are selected that shows the tag selection tool above.

  • Add the required javascript so that when a tag is added in this section, all selected files are tagged or untagged.

The area where I need some help is finding where the javascript for the existing tools is. I’m having a hard time seeing exactly how each menu is generated and how its passing the selected files to the client function to make requests to the back end

Thank you for any help!

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Hello, this feature is crucial for a project I am working on. Sorting video files by adding tags, location, subject matter etc. Bulk edits would greatly speed up our workflow which would be nice as we are all volunteers on this project. Has there been any headway on this?