NCtext foolproof markdown images

hello All,
ist there a foolproof way of managing images in NextCloud text? As soon as I edit any NCtext file in any other .md editor, like Typora or Zettlr, images get lost. Especially safe way to lose images is scaling them in Typora. But also giving the image folder any name other than NextCloud’s naming will cause trouble and keeping that name often results in duplicates and NextCloud deleting them.
I like the idea of images in markdown but it really works in a very half baked way currently.
The problem seems, NextCloud can’t interpret Typora’s way of image paths. It will miserably display that path as text, and upon insertion of an image in Nextcloud it sill store that image in it’s own random name invisible image folder.

here’s a Text written in #Typora which stores it’s images in a assets folder whichm lives next the .md file. Bild 2023-06-27 um 09.56.20

also #Zettlr Markdown software reads those files (as long as images are not scaled)

but the #nextcloud text editor is on sgtrike and will not recognize those images:

it even messages if current or saved version is to be opened and which makes no difference here.

I mean, the path to images is clearly given but NCtext does not parse that?

keep the images in the same folder seems to work best for me but I prefer relative addresses. And empty spaces in names are a problem: the image will not show in Nextcloud. As far as I know only Nextcloud0s image folder or all files in same folder will work.