NCsync and OSX Big Sur 11.7.7

after installing OSX Big Sur 11.7.7 my Desktop Clients stills ync, but context menu to copy a share link is gone. Is there a way to bring it back? I am using Dexktop Client 3.9.5 (macOS) on onem machine and two older ‘stable’ clients. But all of them do not provide the context menu now. The app shows everything synced but my sync folder is ‘crossed out’. After next sync not crossed but still no context menu.

Since it is a new OS and it was working before, I’d consider filing a bug report at Issues · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub. There are a few issues regarding Big Sur but I didn’t spot anything directly linked with your issue.

thank you, just did that (however macOS Big sur is not very new, there are two newer versions out now)

I found NCsync 3.36 does not do dark mode but works and shows icons and copies links.

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