Ncp wizzard issue with choosing which noip host name

I have already ncp instance on RPi running nicely.
Connected to port 80 and 443
running on from noip

I am installing another instance of ncp on an old Eee PC laptop with Debian Buster installed via curl

Because ports 80 and 443 are already taken - i opened 8880 and 8843

When I come to use the NextcloudPi wizzard fail2ban is green
but when I come to input my hostname from NOIP it says as follows:

[ no-ip ]

Auto configuration for Linux client of

2 hosts are registered to this account.
Do you wish to have them all updated?[N] (y/N) Do you wish to have host [] updated?[N] (y/N) Do you wish to have host [] updated?[N] (y/N) Nothing selected. Configuration file '/usr/local/etc/no-ip2.conf' NOT created.

what should i do?

Below is the general info from the nextcloudpi panel

|NextCloudPi version||
|distribution|Debian GNU/Linux 10 \n \l|
|USB devices|sdb|
|data in SD|yes|
|data filesystem|ext2/ext3|
|data disk usage|8.8G/144G|
|rootfs usage|8.8G/144G|
|Nextcloud check|ok|
|Nextcloud version||
|HTTPD service|up|
|PHP service|up|
|MariaDB service|up|
|Redis service|up|
|Postfix service|up|
|internet check|ok|
|port check 80|open|
|port check 443|open|
|NAT loopback|no|

This is your issue. You will have to run the noip command manually from the terminal