NCP - what is 1.52.3 ? and which target NC versions best today?

I have two questions about releases/versions of both NexCloudPi and Nextcloud.

Question 1:
Last night (27.07.23) my NCP autoupdated to version “1.52.3”. That is what the notification says
Github only lists v1.52.2 : Release Hotfix: Fix crash in ncp-restore · nextcloud/nextcloudpi · GitHub
Can anybody explain what is going on? Mystery release? Some hack?

Question 2:
Currently I am running NC version, which is somewhat old.
NC itself tells me there is version 25.0.9 available, but there is no compatible “NextCloudPi” app.
Github release notes tell me that already in NCP 1.52.1 it was possible to go to NC 26.0.3.
a) Which target release should I go to now (25.0.9 versus 26.0.3) if I want maximum stability and when I am risk averse?
b) How should I trigger this NC update best? Via the updater in NC (which seems to target 25.0.9)? Or via the NCP menu item “nc-update-nc”?

I raised the issue regarding question 1 and the answer is found here.


Thanks, so it seems just a cosmetic question that 1.52.3 is not yet on Github.