NCP upgrade to v1.52.4: web sends text file

I upgraded NextCloudPi v1.50.4 with to v1.52.4 via ‘sudo ncp-dist-upgrade’.

When I try to access at my duckpins URL: Safari returns/downloads a text file:


NCP was working normally before the upgrade: I could login and NCP return the expected webpages. Rebooting the rPi / NCP did not help.

Where do I begin?! What questions do I need to ask and what tests can be performed to address the questions? Thank you

Can you please paste the output of

sudo ncp-report

Thank you for the diagnostic suggestion.

sudo ncp-report returns:

The report indicates:

  • sudo: php: command not found
  • PHP service is “down”

v1.50.4 was working well: I do not know if it used something other than php.

Does PHP service need to be running? installed?

I am reluctant to try anything on my own, without guidance from someone that understands the problem and solution: I did the update and managed to break the system. I do not want to create more problems.