NCP status questions

@nachoparker, two questions for you.

Do you have any timelines for an NCP update for NC22 or 23 and PHP 8? I see you are working on it from the GitHub site, just wondering if you have a timeline yet. Need to update my NCP instance soon and would prefer to be ready for NC23.

Also, any reason why running the NCP install script on an x86 instance of Debian won’t work? Thinking of moving off my SBC’s and onto an x86 platform.

It is safe for me to answer your questions.

  1. timelines? none, it is all volunteer work and Nacho does most of it.
  2. curl installer works fine on Debian10 Buster x86, it expects a minimal and clean install.

We normally jump to a newer major version after a couple minor ones have been released and all the apps are compatible, but it is not set in stone.

As for PHP8, that is far less likely. There is little benefit to it and it doesn’t come with debian Bullseye (it comes with 7.4 instead).

I would wait for bullseye release of NCP if I were you if you are thinking about updating from scratch

Thanks @nachoparker. Appreciate the feedback. I think I’ll wait until Armbian releases Bullseye as stable and then upgrade. Hopefully that’ll be with the next release.

Good news, Armbian and Raspberry Pi are releasing Bullseye images. So, that is great!