Ncp-snapsync-auto not executed, use bash not shell

Hello all,

I’m testing ncp on a debian Buster virtualbox-VM before installing the software on a raspberry pi with two hard drives.

My goal is to test the whole backup and restore procedure, so I have a good feeling using the system :blush:

My problem I got stuck setting up the ncp-snapsync-auto, since Snapshots are not synced.

datadir is at /media/data/ncdata on a btrfs formatted drive
snapshots are at /media/data/ncp-snapshots

Backupdrive for config and database: /media/backup (btrfs formatted drive)
snapshots should be synced to /media/backup/ncp-snapshots

I haven’t activated compression.

I have made the following attemts to troubleshoot:

I tried to run the command

/usr/local/bin/btrfs-sync -qd "/media/data/ncp-snapshots" "/media/backup/ncp-snapshots"

as root, copied from /etc/cron.d/ncp-snapsync-auto manually.

Terminal-Output: “Remote user’s shell not bash. Shells other than bash are not supported at the moment”

I took a look at

Installed the script:

sudo wget -O /usr/local/sbin/btrfs-sync
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/sbin/btrfs-sync

and ran the sync script.

root@nextcloudpi:/home/test# /usr/local/sbin/btrfs-sync -qd "/media/data/ncp-snapshots" "/media/backup/ncp-snapshots"
* Synchronizing '/media/data/ncp-snapshots/manual_2022-01-15_134644'...
* Synchronizing '/media/data/ncp-snapshots/daily_2022-01-15_141702'...
* Synchronizing '/media/data/ncp-snapshots/hourly_2022-01-15_141702'...
* Synchronizing '/media/data/ncp-snapshots/monthly_2022-01-15_141702'...
* Synchronizing '/media/data/ncp-snapshots/weekly_2022-01-15_141702'...
* Synchronizing '/media/data/ncp-snapshots/hourly_2022-01-15_151701'...

I’m not sure where to continue solving my issue. I have issues interpreting the “use bash not shell” error. And why does the script located in the sbin folder works without problem?

Thank you in advance for your help!

NCP scripts are not meant to be executed from terminal, afaik.
You should use ncp-config In terminal or use ncp-web (ip:4443)

Good morning dear community,

I kept my VM running over night and non synced folder appeared in the /media/backup/ncp-snapshots folder.

So I’m back to my original question above. I may also ask the community to elaborate why the script stored in the /usr/local/bin/ folder (See frist post) can’t be executed from the terminal.

Thank you for helping.

Good morning dear community,

I still have this issue. The command is not being executed and I’m not getting closer to solve my issue.
Does anyone have an idea where to start looking for a solution?

Thank you again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello to everyone,

i restored an my virtual machine before installing NCP and resinstalled the whole package. Now the synchronization process works properly.