Ncp: samba share - windows 10 system error 1272 - guest accounts

Hi everybody!

How do you get the samba shares working with windows 10? After enabling via the web interface windows shows a network item “mydomain@SSL” which does not lead to anywhere.

If one enters \IP\ncp-username the connection fails as well.
net use Y: \IP\ncp-username leads to.

system error 1272. Apparently windows refuses to connect to the share because guest accounts are allowed.

What did you do to make samba shares on nextcloudpi work with windows?

Would it not make sense to configure samba on ncp differently, to make it work without any manual editing/adapting of config files.

PS: I tried to connect via windows webdavs - which works. But is quite slow.

Nobody else using the samba feature on nextcloudpi with Windows 10?

This worked out of the box for me.
Some more detailed information from Dev here
Otherwise one of these might shed light

Hm, does still not work for me. Also the docs linked seem out of date since the UI for samba does not feature the items listed anymore, e.g. the TUI onlylists active/password/filter by group, no ncuser, user or similar items.

Enabling the outdated smbv1 does indeed help to find the share, but the login is still restricted by Windows 10 due to the fact that guest accounts are allowed by default on ncp’s samba config.

So one has to change
map to guest = bad user
; map to guest = bad user

in the /etc/samba/smb.conf in order to make Windows 10 accept ncp as server.