Ncp (raspbian) letsencrypt support

Hi @nachoparker , it looks like letsencrypt support is going to die, as i have understood, we run on a debian stretch spinoff, stretch afaik only supports tls-sni-01 which will not be supported after feb. 13. Is this true in our case or am i missing something?

thats not realy true, only old versions of certbot will have problems, not letsencrypt.

Bit as it looks we run certbot 0.10.2-1 which is debian stable version, dont we use certbot at all?

Not all, there are several other ways, maybe get the new Version direct/manual from the website with wget or with backports.

thanks for the heads up, we might have to go back to installing the github version again instead of the Debian version.

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Fixed in the devel channel. Please confirm that it works for you (sudo ncp-update devel).

It should replace letsencrypt with version 0.30

# /etc/letsencrypt/letsencrypt-auto --version
certbot 0.30.2