NCP: Nextcloud data is encrypted with a password on external storage

Hello everyone,

I searched for a long time on search engines and on this forum, but the keywords are too close from other problems that I didn’t find anything.

I will make it simple :

I installed NextcloudPi on a Raspberry, and I use an SD Card for the system, and a SSD for store all the data.
I was curious about how, if tomorrow my setup crashed, if I was able to plug my SSD on Ubuntu and recover all my data.
But when I try to open the data file from the SSD, it ask me a password. Where can I find this password ?

Thanks for the help,

I have no idea about native NCP storage format, hopefully somebody with more experience in this area answers… but you definitely should implement additional backup as described in NCP manual

because hardware issue with you existing Pi is not the only way for data loss… your SSD may crash, file system becomes corrupt, malware attack, user error - all this can result in a situation you can’t access your original data… for this reason you should always run automatic backups to a another storage and additional copies physically located elsewhere (offsite). good search term is “3-2-1 backup”…


Thank you for taking time to answer me. I do backups of my data every 2 days, and all my nextcloud is sync with my main computer. So basically, I have my data on three devices !

But I just wondered how to uncrypt the SSD if I had to recovery my data directly from it ! :slight_smile: