[NCP] Moving ncp to subfolder or subdomain

How correctly move nextcloud to subfolder or subdomain without breaking anything and tell to ncp-config that nextcloud in other place?

Hi and welcome,
You are not providing much info on what it is you are trying to achieve ! What is the hardware and install method used?

Do you mean; move the access to your NC instance from domain.tld/nextcloud to nextcloud.domain.tld ?

If so and if using Apache webserver,
You’ll find most in NC documentation
Also if you are new to NCP please check out the wiki .

If i move my nextcloud to nc.domain.ltd, will ncp work correctly or i need change some config files?

Moving access to NC from domain.tld/folder to sub.domain.tld is done by editing the webserver configuration file nextcloud.conf and adding it to trusted domain array in config.php

This does not affect NCP. You access NCP-web only from local network and NCP-config thru terminal.
NCP-config will continue working without needing to edit any config files.

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