NCP how to connect external storage?

Hey I have Nextcloud 24.0.6 up and running on a raspberry pi with and external USB drive formatted ext4 and mounted in /media/USBdrive but how can I use this for my data storage? Various tutorials mention a USB Configuration tool inside the Nextcloud settings but I do not see that. Has that been moved out?


Welcome to the community @justgimmethedamnfile :handshake:

Please provide as many input as possible, e.g. which tutorial did you follow and which errors do you see.
Try searching this forum and internet - most problem have been discussed already.

NexctcloudPi project offers very good documentation how to work with USB drives

hopefully this helps you.

Hello wwe

thanks. here’s one of the tutorials I followed:

I have nextcloud up and running, I just dont see the options described in step 7. I did look at the documentation you link to a few times but could not make sense of it. For instance, when the documentation says: " Navigate to nc-format-USB in the TUI or the WebUI" I do not see any element of the web interface related to “nc-” anything. Typical noob, right?


And I know I should read the docs from the beginning, just have not had the time.

I don’t use NCP so the only help I have is this point from your tutorial:

Go to the NextCloudPi web panel in your other computer’s web browser. In the wizard that appears (you can open it using a wand icon in the top toolbar), select USB Configuration. Answer Yes to the first question, then click Continue.

if this doesn’t help you need to wait for an NCP expert.

Hey together,
for some languages there are translations available which confuses sometimes.
nc-format-USB can be found (in WebUI as well as ncp-config) in “Tools”. In my case it is the second possible option.

Here are all options listed with the “docs–wording”: Menu Configuration-Reference for Backups, Config, Networking, Security, System, Tools, Updates

Hi wwee

thanks. OK I guess the “NextCloudPi” web panel is not the same as https://nextcloudhostname/nextcloud/ I will investigate further.


The ncp-webpanel is at IP:4443.
Use instead of IP the Ip-adress of your server and you will find all the useful config tools of ncp.

Just to be sure. You tagged the forum post with “ncp”. Therefore I asumed that you are using a ncp installation. Am I right? Or did you use any other installation method?

I did not have NCP running at all. I have started over again with a fresh NextCloudPi install but I am unable to get past the login prompt with the default username and password. “This account is currently not available”

the unit is pingable and has IP but the webUI does not work out of the box. “unreachable”

Just to clarify the used terms for you.
ncp is short for Nextcloudpi and is a flavor of Nextcloud which is easy to install an easy to maintain. See here:
Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi is not NextcloudPi.

If you have issues with the installation of Nextcloud, maybe it is time to give ncp a shot and try the Raspberry Image.

Hi Yes, this is what I’ve installed now, for a 2nd time. But I get the error “This account is currently not available” after boot and am unable to login to continue the configuration on the console. ncp sounds great with all the tools one would need. Just not working for me!