Ncp - "HBP service down"

I have a problem with with my nextcloudpi installation: The system info in the NCPi dashboard shows “HBP service down” in red.

Probably this is because the upgrade from nextcloud 20 to 21.0.4 was exceptionally done with the nextcloud-updater and not via ncp panel.

How can I solve the problem afterwards so that the HPB service is activated and works?

always use the ncp-updater in the future

For now, you can edit ncp-update-nc and where is says CURRENT=blabla replace for CURRENT=0.0.0

Then, run the update from ncp-web with a value of 0, and finally undo the change


Perhaps a stupid question, but where & how do I change the “CURRENT=”?

You need a terminal or ssh to run:

sudo nano /usr/local/bin/ncp-update-nc

Nano being (one of) the LInux text editors

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I edited the CURRENT line from the ncp-update-nc to 0.0.0. than i run the update from ncp-web with 0 vlue, but i got the error:

"[ nc-update-nextcloud ] (Sun Oct 24 11:12:17 BST 2021)
Current Nextcloud version
Available Nextcloud version 21.0.4
Nothing to update "

And the Ncp - “HBP service down” is still therre…

What am i doing wrong?

Are you on Docker? I’m facing this same issue, but I’m also on the docker version.

No, im not on docker.
My config is one raspberry pi with nextcloudpi on it.
I have already tried everything, I will now maybe install a backup…

I’m still waiting, maybe I’ll get a solution here

What is your nextcloudpi version? There were several fixes lately in this regard.

NextCloudPi version v1.42.2 (Web panel:
NextCloudPi 22.1.1

Well, seems you’ve manually updated Nextcloud to version 22, which is beyond what Nextcloudpi is currently supporting. We are still on 21* so will take some time for the project to catch up to you.

Ohh that’s good news.
You believe the bugs will be gone when I get the right version ?

I just know you are ahead of the project and will have to wait. :+1: If you run into specific problems let us know.

Thank you very much!
So far everything works except for the HBP red message.
Hope the update comes soon

What is the current version of Nextcloudpi at the moment ?

My version is NextCloudPi 22.1.1 now, how long do I have to wait until Nextcloudpi comes to my version?

Ok thx!
How shoud i update now to version 22.2.2. ?

using ncp-config in the terminal
or the update tool in the ncp web-pannel

Thanks very much!
Everything worked wonderfully