NCP change acces from https://lan-ip to https://lan-ip/nextcloud and https://no-ip ddns name to https://no-ip ddns name/nextcloud

Hi, to be able to use more than one webserver on my raspberry pi 4 using nextcloudpi script i want to change the access to my nextcloud server to (as normally used when settings up nextcloud manually) from used by default with nextcloudpi script

And also to be able to use it outside from lan, it should use my no-ip domain name with “/nextcloud” at the end

and normally should show default apache screen

I want to use it with octopi(3d printing).

Im pretty new to raspberry and linux so every help would be great. thanks

tried changing config.php ?

'overwrite.cli.url' => '',

This question has already been asked and answered many times here and on the www.
Ever tried the forum search? Works for me :wink:

Hi, yeah I already searched in the forum and I’ve come to that also changing

‘overwrite.cli.url’ => ‘

But that didn’t worked that’s why I created a new post


Here look at my config.php

I did a sudo reboot after putting this of course but still no chance :frowning:

I’d try redirect in .htaccess or use RedirectMatch in apache2’s nextcloud.conf
I thought ‘overwrite.cli.url’ would do the trick? I’d try with just ‘/nextcloud’,
I’ve never had the need to do this, so not sure, maybe someone more knowledgeable will stop by and provide an official way to achieve this.

some examples