NCP 1.51.0 Unattended-upgrades packages on hold

Hello together,

I am using NCP 1.51.0 with Nextcloud
A few days ago I started to receive daily mails informing me, that while performing “unattended-upgrades”, packages are hold back.:

subject: [package on hold] unattended-upgrades result for nextcloudpi: FAILURE

Packages with upgradable origin but kept back:
Debian stable-security:
apache2-data apache2-utils apache2 apache2-bin

Is it save to manually update those packages or will there be a high risk to break my NCP?

edit: typo, changed NCP version from 1.51.1 to 1.51.0

The current version is 1.51.0. See Releases · nextcloud/nextcloudpi · GitHub

Are you testing the devel version?


actually, I am using 1.51.0. This was a typo, sorry.
Would the version of ncp have an impact on unattended-upgrades?

Don’t think so. Was just curious.
Could you please post the output of ncp-report

It is fairly safe to update these packages manually. However, there might be a causing issue that you need to solve beforehand (conflicting packages). If so, you will be informed when running the upgrade yourself

The packages are updated manually now and everything seems to run fine.
Thanks @theCalcaholic

@REAPERSbattlecry, I will come back to you in case I notice anything strange in the next days.

Thank you both for your replies.