NCP 1.50.3: Segmentation faults hindering backups

After some hickups probably generated by going to PHP 8.1 (see NCP 1.50.3: Nextcloud check - error - #6 by Gorf) now I am unable to do a backup from NCP panel.

[ nc-backup ] (Wed Nov 23 17:33:36 CET 2022)
check free space…
/usr/local/bin/ncc: line 3: 14099 Segmentation fault ${SUDO} php /var/www/nextcloud/occ “$@”
/usr/local/bin/ncc: line 3: 14102 Segmentation fault ${SUDO} php /var/www/nextcloud/occ “$@”
/usr/local/bin/ncc: line 3: 14106 Segmentation fault ${SUDO} php /var/www/nextcloud/occ “$@”
/usr/local/bin/ncc: line 3: 14110 Segmentation fault ${SUDO} php /var/www/nextcloud/occ “$@”

I am using a Raspi 3b.

And I have found this here: Segmentation Fault with occ command

But I still do not know how to solve this.

Any help appreciated.

Have you found a solution to this? I just learned that mine hasn’t ran background jobs for the past 2 months. And NCP shows Nextcloud check as error. I also can’t upgrade NC anymore because it says that it is down although it actually works fine. I saw these error in the log from possible when I upgraded my PHP.

Yes. I recently bought a Raspi 4b with 8GB RAM and just stuffed the old SD card from the 3b into it.
Suddenly all the issues with segmentation faults were gone.
Similar to what you describe I also found out that my automatic backups had stopped working some while ago.
Now on the new hardware with more RAM they work flawlessly again. So the lesson learned for me is that “segmentation fault” means: Your Pi is out of RAM and it is not a software bug, but a hardware limitation.
In my case I found that I was cuasing this by running some other software on the same machine, which consumed too much memory.

Interesting, I’m only running Nextcloud on it and I don’t plan to upgrade the hardware yet. I’ve only used it for a little more than a year and basically only me use it. How’s the migration from RPi3b to RPi 4? Was it smooth? My problem is that I have a custom expansion card for HDD slot and not sure if it’s compatible with RPi4.

After upgrading my PHP version it seemed to be to new since I got this message trying to backup my instance:

This version of Nextcloud is not compatible with PHP>=8.2.
You are currently running 8.2.1.Abort…

After selection PHP 8.1 via sudo update-alternatives --config php, I experienced the same issue you described.
Now I see:

Segmentation fault ${SUDO} php /var/www/nextcloud/occ “$@”

NCP shows Nextcloud check as error, HPB service shows as down and automatic backups were not created since beginning of December 2022.
Have you found a solution that worked for you? If yes, I am interested in what you did to solve this since I do not want to do a complete new install.

I found the solution on this forum myself:

which led to
NCP Update to v.1.50.0 fails to 503 - #18 by theCalcaholic?

Yes, I just ran those commands but unfortunately, I discovered that it happened again right before I saw your message. I’m thinking maybe adjusting the OPCache would be a permanent solution or maybe the RAM of RPi3b isn’t enough anymore :frowning: