NCP 1.50.3: Adding an Adguard installation on the same raspi - expecting issues, especially with Webfrontend?

So today I have a working NCP 1.50.3 installation up and running on my little Raspi 3b.
Since I do also have some interest in DNS based ad filtering I am interested in using Adguard home.
See: and Getting Started · AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome Wiki · GitHub
The main thing I am wondering about is if I would run into conflicts about accessing the NC login screen versuss accessing the Adguard home Admin web interface.
The both seem to be “at the same place” listening on the domain name port 80.

Any tips?

You could try to set the bind_port setting for the AdGuard dashboard to a different port… FAQ · AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome Wiki · GitHub

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I had a few years Nextcloud and Piholr running on the same raspberry pi. So far no issue you just have to give the adguard/pihole webUi another port. Did this via docker which makes it easy to give the container different ports

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Thank you. That is want I tried now and it seems to work well.

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Thanks for the advice. So far I do not even know what “docker” is, but I will look it up.

I set up AdGuardHome as docker image following this guide

Use a different device if you can. The Pi 3 is very slow and may cause network slowdowns if using the same device for DNS (Adguard) while Nextcloud is under load.