NCDownloader is uncomputable with NC27.0.1 anyone can help

i have already reported the issue in the GitHub repo of the NC Downloader app, but I think it will take time. anyone can help me to fix the issue?

today I upgrade NC from 26.0.4 to 27.0.1 and NCDownloader stop working.

I am using PHP 8.2 but it was fine with 26.0.4

i try with php 7.4, 8.0, 8.1 but no luck.


FYI: There was already an issue regarding this: NCDownloader not working after update to NC27 · Issue #135 · shiningw/ncdownloader · GitHub

how can i downgrade back to NC 26.0.4 in which NCDownloader works fine, once the developer update the NCDownloader i will upgrade NC to the latest versin.

You can’t, unless you made a full backup before the upgrade, which has to include the database. Downgarding an existing installation is not supported.

For now, I’d disable the problematic app from the command via occ . That should at least make it possible to use Nextcloud otherwise.

occ app:disable ncdownloader

Nextcloud is working fine but you cant access the app, when you click on NCDownloader then you get 500 error.