NcButton will not fire

Hi All,

So Im working on a data service app, and need to make a user settings UI screen. I put some basics, code in the file to test, but for whatever reason I can not get the NcButton to fire.

Here is the line and file,

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong here?


Hey @sebastiank.

I have not tested it but I highly guess that the console will show you an error in the click handler. Have a look at the browser console.

You might want to define a method in the Vue component and trigger that. Alternatively, you can emit an event or similar.


Hey @christianlupus

I found my issue. I accidentally had a nested methods inside methods. Which was causing all the JS code NOT to execute. (Face Plam)

Thank you for the help!

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Sorry for not seeing this one.

Hey, no worries, I missed it too.

I would never have guessed that something that minute would completely stopped all the vue code from rendering. It didn’t even through an error when being compiled by npm.


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