[NC26] Tags, albums and file handling in general

Nextcloud version: 26.0.2
Operating system and version: FreeBSD
Apache or nginx version: apache_2_4_57
PHP version (eg, 7.4): 8.0

The issue you are facing:

I am trying to create an album of my last vacation and have therefor tagged a bunch of images with a corresponding tag. When going to the “Tags” section on the left, all files display correctly, but I can’t select them all, only individually. Since the files come from two different users and are difficult to seperate, I wanted to add a second tag, but would have to go through each file individually - unless I am missing something.

So since that didn’t work, I tried the search function, but I can’t search for a file in a certain folder with a tag, there is no advanced search or dedicated search result window. I can’t even see that a file is tagged during normal file browsing unless I go into the detail view (which is a bit clumsy to get to imho). I would like tags to be displayed in the list view, this should be a column of it’s own, and one that can be used to sort by.

When creating an album, I can’t add files by tag. Which was the reason I added the tags in the first place, I only have the option to display all images with tag “x”. But then it doesn’t give you any sorting options, like by name, date or -even better- date taken. It just randomly throws images in some abstract, non-structured, unchangeable sequence.

It just strikes me sometimes how awkward and clumsy some of the file handling is when, well, Nextcloud is made for file handling, is it not? It should just be a seamless transition to have the tagged files as a selection option as a whole, for whatever purpose. Some of the sorting options are quite lacking, when I got the results of all the tagged images by 2 users, I couldn’t filter the results by user (despite it being displayed which user the image is from), so I had to unshare the folder of one user to only see the images of the other user. Trying to then pick all tagged files of said user to add another or change the tag is… still not possible, only one by one, unless I fail to see something fundamental. Ugh.

If there is a way, please enlighten me. If there isn’t, I think this should be improved significantly. I’m still relatively new to Nextcloud, so there’s a good chance I haven’t grasped some concepts, but as a user experience, this is not satisfying at all. I know I’m not on the latest version, but have seen a few versions go by already without any changes to file handling, so I’m not expecting this to have changed.

Sorry for the rant, I hope I didn’t offend anyone.