NC24 is playing mp3 files in a modal popup window instead of in app window + bottom player toolbar


I’ve just updated Nextcloud from 23.0.4 to 24.0.0 and found out that now mp3 file play in a pop modal window instead of playing in page and appearing a bottom player toolbar. Does anyone knows how can I fix this?

I’m attaching two picture, the before and after update.
Before (NC23)
Screenshot 2022-05-03 at 15.39.28

After (NC24)

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that’s all part of the Music app. It currently is disabled by default as it hasn’t been officially released with NC24 support. I’d expect there will be an update very soon though. If you can’t wait, from what I’m reading on this thread Add support for PHP 8.1 · Issue #939 · owncloud/music · GitHub people are reporting there are no issues with forcing it to run. YMMV. But if you do see an issue, please report it for him.

Your after picture is missing.

Yes, I know. Tried uploading the picture like 30 times but it always ends up with an error. Same happened for the currently uploaded picture.

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I feel your pain. Trying to sort the upload issues out. Hopefully admins can resolve it.

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Thanks a lot! It worked like charm. Before posting tried enabling Music Player but then Mp3 files got downloaded when I tried playing them.

That’s excellent to know. Music is a key app that I wait to get confirmation before taking the upgrade plunge :slight_smile:

Music app doesn’t like PHP 8/8.1 - i hope there will be an update soon

According to their testing thread it works fine.