NC23: How to enable Nextcloud Office

Yeah sure… My post was not directly addressed to you. Should be more general in nature and a warning for those who have not yet updated. I have also no effort made to further investigate the issue…

And honestly, I would understand if you were complaining. I understand that this software is open source, free to use and everything. Nevertheless, such obvious issues should not happen with every release. Maybe they should just wait a few more days with the announcement. And maybe do a clean install in a VM before they go out and tell everybody, that everything is available right now. It only took me 30 minutes to setup a test instance to find out, that the integrated Collabora server isn’t ready yet. The last time it was the calendar app if I remember correctly, which was then fixed after a few hours. Anyways, not too big a deal for me either, since I use the Docker version anyways and I learned my lesson with previous releases. For those who already have it installed, I geuss you have to wait until an update of the app gets released…


I’ve updated my nextcloud instance to version 23 with hopes of using the New built in Office.
But when I open .docx or .xlsx files inside the nextcloud it just downloads them instead of opening an editor.

Now I’m wondering how to install or activate the new Office, I can’t find a new Office package on the App Store or any setting.

I wish the communication would be a bit clearer about the new Office.

Where do I find the new Office?

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I think it’s called richdocuments

As of typing, it doesn’t look like the new server app is available yet, and you have to force install the old 6.4 server app and wait a bit for it to come out.

Otherwise the only other way is to look into setting up your own server or the new server docker container which is out now.

FYI, for those on the old docker container, do note that with the new latest container they changed the internal names around, and you will have to resetup your nginx or apache reverse proxy to point to the new locations. Found this out the hard way after much troubleshooting…

@Alexander_Hoerl pls search the forum before opening new threads… i have moved and appended your thread to this one here

Hi! I just installed the update but Nextcloud office doesn’t seem to work if I use the integrated CODE server. Am I missing something? Do I still need to install both collabora apps?

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for me as well, i couldnt find the integrated office solution.
with a external collabora docker machine, the option “user my own server” is working.
cannot find a full integrated out of the box solution.

In Github, issues have been made to have compatibility with Nextcloud 23


Can this explain my probem as descibed here?[Nextcloud adds a duplicate upper menu when trying to open or create a odt document]
It seems NC tries to open the document but ends up just adding a duplicate of the upper menu.
If you think this is an explanation - can you comment on it in my report

No, sounds like your setup is very wrong.

What I got was a simple the document couldn’t be opened right now. Until I fixed the reverse_proxy

Your comments helped me. See

I am clueless here too. I had NC 22 with a Collabora CODE server. I upgraded to NC 23 and now I’m still using my Collabora CODE server. So I disable Collabora and try again and office files then produce a download option only. Enabled collabora again and we’re fine. But what is Nextcloud Office and how does one make use of it? Touted in all the release marketing yet mysteriously absent.

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Running into the same issue on my setup after upgrading to Nextcloud 23.

The Collabora Online and Built-in CODE server apps are installed, but I can’t open any Office documents. Clicking on them just downloads the file and there’s no option to open anything in Office.

Looked in the server logs but there doesn’t seem to be anything related. I’m on NGINX 1.21.4 and PHP 8.0.13 if that helps.

According to the Nextcloud Office pane the server is reachable:

Collabora was working great on 22.2.3.

Nextcloud Office consists of two parts. The first part is the actual Collabora Office server (backend). This can either be the built-in Collabora server or a separate Collabora server that can be installed e.g. via Docker. The second part is the Collabora Online app (frontend) to which they now refer as Nextcloud Office. This app actually integrates the server backend into Nextcloud and provides the new re-themed and redesigned UI.

Unfortunatly the Built-In Collabora server is still not ready for Nextcloud 23. You have to wait for an upgrade of the app or use an external Collabora server e.g. via Docker for now. See here…


I downloaded the documentserver_community-master and unzipped it to the /nextcloud/apps directory, changed the permissions and enabled the Community Document Server in the App Store

The Problem is that the richdocumentscode is too old with NC23.
You can download richdocuments version 5.0 from here:

Then you have version 5.0
But Richdocumentscode is still version 6.4.1303
This verson is only supported for NC22:

So I have no idea why my prod NC22 was shown NC23 for upgrade as stable when important apps are not available yet.

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Here’s a guide to get it working - PSA: How to get collabora working on nextcloud 23!


Works on an upgraded NC too.

Follow the steps in the post from @Paradox551 - after a reboot of my server everything is fine …


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To be honest - after the performance issues with 22.2.1 and now this not working upgrade - maybe its better to reduce the interval of new releases and better spend more time to test it.


For everyone that doesn’t want to bother with “broken” updates anymore: you should give GitHub - nextcloud/all-in-one: Nextcloud AIO stands for Nextcloud All In One and provides easy deployment and maintenance with most features included in this one Nextcloud instance. a try :wink: