NC20 in Docker, Bridge Talk - WhatsApp possible?


I am running a Nextcloud 20 docker container and now I want to establish a bridge between Nextcloud Talk channel and WhatsApp. I think it is possible, but if I open the configuration panel in the frontend, I cannot select WhatsApp, because it is simply not there.

I successfully installed a bridge to Matrix, so Talk - Matrix bridge is working fine.

I guess I have to do some manual configuration of the mattermost config file, but where do I find it? Is it inside the container? I have mapped /var/www/html to a directory outside docker.

Anybody who has already installed it successfully?

I don’t want to upgrade to NC 21 yet.

Greetings Rainer

If you manually modify the config it works, there is just no UI component for it yet:

That is what I thought already … but WHERE do I find the config file I have to modify? Can I see the changes done via the Nextcloud frontend? I guess yes.
I am just wondering where I find the config file.
Don’t forget that I am working with a Docker container.
Everything already written in my 1st post.

Thank you for help.

Greetings Rainer

Hi Folks,

after some “playing around” I at least finally found the configuration file. It is located inside the container in the /tmp/ folder.
So if you map the /tmp/ folder from inside the docker container to an external folder, you will see the bridge configuration.

One step further to my way to integrate WhatsApp.

Greetings Rainer