[NC20] How to increase download/upload speed

I am using Nextcloud 20 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS as a virtual machine with 8 vCPUs and 8GB memory. Running from a SSD raid array. PHP is version 7.4.
I am running Nextcloud on a fiber connection (1000/1000).

My question is how do i increase the up and download speed from my Nextcloud when using a browser (FF or chrome)? I am getting a maximum of 20/25 MB/s. Of course i get you will never get the full 100MB/s, but something tells me it should be possible to get a bit more speed than i am getting at the moment.

I have already enabled opcache within php. I increase the max size file upload and increased PHP memory to 512MB.

Any ideas?

It’s most likely a client connection issue…
How do you up/download? Over Wi-Fi?

Also, how big are the files?
I noticed download of multi-GB files always starts slow…

Tried multiple locations, most definitely not over Wi-Fi. One of the locations is a very big company, they have got a very expensive but very very fast connection. But also from normal consumer fiber connections, i test from locations with at least a 500/500 connection. Which i check in advance by doing a speedtest and download a test 1GB file from the internet.

The file i try to download and upload is a 7GB ISO file. But i have also tried different files. And yes you are right they start slower than they finish.

Why do you think it is a client issue? Are you getting let’s say 50+ MB/s up and down?

I thought more in terms of network issue, how the client reaches the server…
I’ve never paid that much attention to speed (25MB/s is OK in my books).
I’ll run a few tests and let you know.

Downloading and uploading a 3.8GB Windows ISO file; Windows Server 2019 client, latest NC.
Server hardware (VMware cluster), quiet network, 1Gbps ethernet through a switch.
Download took exactly 100 seconds, ~38MBps
Upload almost twice as long - 190 seconds plus another minute to “assemble chunks”…


I also use a vmware cluster by the way. Want kind of internet connection are you using?

Why i thought it could be a NC issue, is because when you google it you come across quite a few topics. Things like multiple TCP streams (which NC appearently already uses), chuck size, php memory etc.

So there are quite a few settings which could effect the speed.