NC18 to NC20 on Alpine Linux

Nextcloud version: 18.0.13
Operating system and version: Alpine Linux (Linux cloud 5.4.84-0-virt #1-Alpine)
webserver: nginx-1.18.0-r1
PHP version: php7-7.3.26

I’m trying to upgrade from NC 18 to NC20 on Alpine Linux but I can’t.
Alpine’s package manager jumps from NC18 to NC20. I tried to update to NC19 manually, but it is not working. Although I was able to update manually, in my tests the Alpine package manager does not identify the manual update and this could cause problems. How can I solve this?

From Nextcloud side, you can’t skip major upgrades. So you have to go through Nextcloud 19. So here your question is more about the Alpine package manager than Nextcloud. So hopefully some other alpine linux user can help you here…

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I received the solution from the Alpine’s community package maintainer.
There is actually an NextCloud19 package. It is “hidden” because the name changed from nextcloud to nextcloud19, causing the mistake.
So it is totally possible to upgrade using the apk tool.

The steps given by the package maintainer:

  • backup db
  • apk del nextcloud*
  • apk add nextcloud19*
  • occ upgrade
  • check that works
  • apk del nextcloud19*
  • apk add nextcloud*
  • occ upgrade
    “*” in not to be intended literal, but as jolly character that includes the installed subpackages.

I hope this share can help a lot of people! A little detail that changes everything.

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