NC15 works on PHP7.3 with Redis?



I heard the voice of high evaluation from the person who is running NC using PHP 7.3. So I also tried PHP 7.3, but I can not run NC15. The login screen is displayed. However, even if I enter correct account information, I will not proceed.
I also use Redis for PHP session Path. I gave up using Redis and switching to APCu NC15 worked on PHP 7.3. I tried clearing Redis’s cache and restarting the server, but it did not change at all.

Is this due to Redis? Or NC15?

Nextcloud 15.0.0 / PHP 7.3 / CentOS 7.5 / Redis 5.0.3 / Nginx 1.14.1



I’m not sure about the root cause of your issue, however, I successfully run NC15 with PHP7.3 and redis 5.0.3.


This is what happens to me with 7.3