NC14 TOTP Removed but Requesting Backup Codes

I updated to NC14 and saw the notification the 2FA app is not stable so I disabled and removed. When I login I am taken to request for backup code, not Authenticator app code.

I’m looking for where the QR code is meant to be in NC14, if it were installed, to see if there is anything on the page. Anyone know where to go in NC14?


If you cannot login, you won’t able to find the QR code unless you hack which I cannot help.

If you can login, enable “Two Factor TOTP Provider” at Apps page. Then, at Settings page, select Security (under Personal, not Admintration), scroll to the bottom, enable the “TOTP second-factor auth”, the QR code will appear by then.

“backup code” serves as contingency when you have lost access to the device that feed the 6-digit pass code. Hope you have not broken your system.

Please elaborate. Where did you read this?

You also might find of help (admin command line access required)

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Thanks for the tips. I need not use it yet. Just want to know if it also works for the case that it is the admin who lost access to the “other factor”?

That works too :+1:

Thanks for sharing, guys!

I have my backup codes so I am in.

As for where to find NC14 & TOTP not playing nice, It was after I updated NC. There was a list of apps that no longer worked and it was one of them. After disabling & removing I was still being prompted for codes. On top of that, if you go to its page now ( it’s still listed as “Unstable”.

However, I reinstalled and all good now.


I don’t see that unstable notice. I only can see that the nightly build is unstable.