NC14 Browser Access on Mobile

Since updating to NC14, and accessing NC via Android 8+ using FF63+, I’m no longer prompted to enter TOTP each time I open it. If I log out of NC on in FF on my mobile, I am prompted the first time, only.

Using NC13, I was prompted each time, without logging out, and I’m still prompted to enter the TOTP code on desktop everytime - on High Sierra using FF63+.

I did reinstall TOTP after updating to NC14 as it was requiring backup code each time I tried to log in and that resolved that issue.

What can I try to troubleshoot this is issue?

May I ask you to report this at Thank you!

Happy to attempt to but I’m not a dev.

After starting to create an Issue on Github, I believe this is more to do with NC itself than TOTP. I’m going to post it there instead.

Cheers for helping!