NC13 - From email when sharing link not consistant

I am running the daily build of NC to test out new features.

In regards to use the email address configured in Nextcloud as sender instead of the users email address by schiessle · Pull Request #5302 · nextcloud/server · GitHub I am not really happy with the implementation.

The initial email send out states “admin via Cloud” with the email address set for the NC server. But when setting the password it sends it out as the user “admin” with its email address.

I would have expected it to use the same method “admin via Cloud” as the initial email. Is this done on purpose and if so, what is the reasoning?

Daily build issues and queries really belong on github, as the Devs are generally right there to see them and not so much so here :slight_smile:

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Can you confirm that this patch was applied? It should resolve your issue.

Sorry, it seems my script to auto update the daily build system didn’t work properly so it didn’t get the latest :blush:. I have just upgraded to the latest daily build and can confirm it is working