NC Windows 10 client giving apparently "phantom" notifications

I loaded the new desktop client (2.2.3 (build 4)) on Windows 10 and linked it to a NC10 and an OC9.1 server.

It has notifications set. Every so often, I get an Action Required Notification from it for one or other server stating that action is required.

I look in the Action Centre - but nothing there. Hence “phantom” in the description.

I have searched in Notifications and found that Banners are on - but Show in Action Centre is off.

So, yes, answer ay be to switch it on then. But should that not be the default if notifications are to happen?

There is nothing in the client windows to give a clue as to what the issue is.

Sorry to reply to my own post. But having switched on the messages to the action centre - and getting them, I’m none the wiser.

I get the message
Nextcloud Notifications - Action Required
You received 1 new notifications from account

Nothing else.

When I look in the account window, there is nothing.

What are the notifications meant to signify please?

I assme that I could just switch them off, but I would think that it would be useful for real problems.

Same here. I have no solution at the moment…

Reproduceable on my Windows 10 device :grin:
cc @nickvergessen

Will try to remember to test this on the weekend with my windows mashine

Same problem with Windows 7 and Nextcloud Client

Hello all,

Same problem on Windows 10 with the last Nextcloud client version and this problem is in my opinion linked to “Server activity” section. See the attached screenshot.



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Same for me - unfortunately (W10)

I also have this issue with the Mac desktop client

This is annoying. Did anyone find a solution for this?

Today I had the same issue with Windows 10 and Client v2.2.4. A Windows notification pops up and saying “Nextcloud Notification - Action Required” without any further informations.

When opening the Client -> Activity -> Server Activity there is the missing information:
“Ein Update von Calender auf Version 1.5.1 ist verfügbar.”

It would be very helpful if the Windows notification already includes this message!

@nickvergessen any news on that?

all others: perhaps create an issue on the bugtracker, not sure if it’s a notification ( or client issue (

It’s on the todo for the client as soon as someone picks up the issue :wink:
For android and iOS where we are currently working on the issue, we make sure the notifications are not that useless…

Also have the problem on the mac app :slight_smile:

Same issue nextcloud-client 2.3.1 on linux, and the same notification message. It could be the server update notification (I’m running the update and I’ll let you know if the notifications stop), but in any case it the content of the notification, or clicking on it, does not reveal any additional information.

I am getting the notification also. In the server activity it says “Add your profile information! For example your email is needed to reset your password.” “Created 240 days ago”

Problem is I can not figure out what is missing in my profile!