NC website download link

Hi folks,

The current download link for NC server: always points to version numbers, 9.x, 10.x, etc.

For the sake of linking to this download, would it not be beneficial to instead use something like

That would then mean using one link for downloads, especially useful when writing guides, WIKIs or otherwise being always able to give the same link and be assured it’s pointing to the latest version.

We don’t have something like latest for stable releases atm.
But I guess it makes sense somewhat, @LukasReschke

Agreed. That’s a good point. :slight_smile:


My guide was out of date within a couple of weeks as I was linking to the direct download (wget command) to v.9.
From that perspective this would be better. I know Wordpress have been doing it for a while so it’s not unheard of by any means.

I will add latest.* files to the download server, but I think the website should still link explicit

So the website would remain unchanged, but a wget could just point to:

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yeah something like that

Nick, any progress? :slight_smile:

Script has been adjusted and given to lukas, will mostlikely be ran after lunch

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Just looking for this again and I can’t seem to still get a

Neither offer anything more than a 404, and I can’t quite figure out what the linked php file is doing.


Script is in place now.


Yes it is :smiley:


Thank you!