NC upgrade from 25 - even if passed without error - didn't upgrade apps "workflowengine", "support"

I run Nextcloud 25 (latest update) in Kubernetes single node “cluster” (microk8s) on OpenSuSE 15.4, database is Postgresql 13. Nextcloud itself is php-fpm with nginx in the front. All worked well until I tried to updrade to NC 26.

I started upgrade by “php occ upgrade” command, upgrade ended sucesfully (didn’t report any error, except message that several applications were disabled due incompatibility), but when the server started after upgrade, it reported message screen like “The following applications will be updated” … in the web page. These applications are: “files_linkeditor” , “support” and “workflowengine”.

Note that the the app “files_linkeditor” should have been removed - I tried it to remove several times, but I can’t get rid of it - it is there even after command “occ app:remove ,”.

I tried the upgrade several times to different versions of NC (to lates 26, latest 27) and also from several sub-versions of NC 25. Also I tried to delete content of “www-data” folder (except “config/config.php”) to let docker image to create new one. Still tha same - these 3 apps seem to be unupdated and NC doesn’t start.

I am attaching the error screen (it is in Czech, bud for illustration which screen it is).

Logs (both - “nextcloud.log” in the data directory nor container log) don’t show anything useful (only http accesses).

Any tips how to solve this situation?

I managed to disable app ‘files_linkeditor’ by disabling it directly in database (it was impossible to do so via command line), but I can’t disable/remove the remaining two, since they are “system” apps.

So I digged deeper into the issue and I found that both apps were installed in correct versions on filesystem, only the database records in the table “” were not updated. It points to some issuee in the procedure that handles command “occ app:update” (missing commit ?).

When I updated database record to the same version that is reallyinstalled, server started and worked correctly.
It is a workaround only, but seems working.

The same situation repeated during upgrade from 26 to 27.

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