NC still not installing correctly for me

I finally gave up and decided to install NC via snap.

I’m beginning to think that this turned out to be a mistake too.

There are (almost) NO INSTRUCTIONS that I could find that told me what to do after I installed the snap! I did find one helpful page (at ), but it stopped short of being successful - leaving me with a “404 Not Found” error when attempting to go to NC in a browser.

Where do I go to point the server at NC… how do I tell it to direct traffic for a specific request to go to NextCloud… and where the heck is it installed?

I’m using sub5.domain.dom (not the real URL) to get to NC… it works fine (as do its sister subdomain sites)… except that I have no way to redirect traffic to/from NC.

Thanks for any suggestions / answers / relief from frustration that you might be able to offer.

Nginx 1.18.0 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. NextCloud 20.0.1 via Snap. I also have MariaDB installed (unknown, should be latest version though), and PHP 7.4.3

it’s all in the readme.

could be helpful if you could describe your setup. what kind of server (raspi, home-pc, cloud) , what kind of network (home, internet), etc.pp.

I do not use Snap (sorry). But if you want use another installation, you can combine the first documentation (Debian with Apache2) with the second documentation (Ubuntu with Nginx). So you can e.g. use Ubuntu with Apache2 :wink:

Ah ha! A readme! Thank you!

While I get busy on that, here’s some answers to your question…

Ubuntu on Raspi as webserver for multiple site (subdomains.domain.dom -style), on static IP behind firewall (home network with DMZ), domain name and Let’s Encrypt SSL wildcard cert for domain.

I gave up on bare-metal install of NC. After several months of playing with it, I just could not get it to run. I know it is an issue with the monkey at the keyboard, but I just can’t wrangle the knots out of that animal. LOL

So, I’m going to try for the snap version.

If I fail at this… I’ll throw in the towel altogether… because, I must have much more to learn first before I’m ready to play with NC.

Well that’s new.

I had issues with PHP. And once I fixed that… now NC works… almost… EVERY SUBDOMAIN redirects there - but I lost my SSL/HTTPS on every subdomain too. So now my entire site is down.


Monkey scratches his head and takes server offline… heading to lunch.

Looks like the snap takes over all of my incoming traffic. I uninstalled it.

Will try something else… after I figure out a new plan.