Nc-rsync to make a backup on my windows pc

I would like to use nc-rsync to make a backup on my windows pc. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance

rsync is a native Linux tool (used by nc-rsync), so you’d have to find a Windows alternative or version of rsync.
Maybe one of these ddg search results? (Dont use Windows myself)
Maybe by mounting a windows smb/cifs share to the LInux host, one could then set nc-rsync to backup to the local mount.

You can install Linux (e.g. Ubuntu, Mint or Debian (Debian Netinstall Non-free Firmware ) and solve your problem :wink: You can use a 10+ years old PC.

thank you for your help
is it possible to use

Hi @Jeano

What exactly are you trying to achieve? Do you want to use Nextcloud as a backup target for files that are on your Windowas PC or do you want to backup your Nextcloud server? Please describe in a little more detail what exactly your goal is…

Good evening,
I would like to use the nc-rsync option provided by nextcloudpi to backup all the files on a windows pc.
It seems that there are rsync clones on windows, maybe I could send my backup to an rsync clone that would be in my pc?

Ah ok. I never used it myself. But it should be possible if you set up an SSH server and install the DeltaCopy server on your windows machine…

I tried but was unsuccessful
Thank you for your help