NC Paswords Android App: Encryption Problem

Hi together,

I’m running NextcloudPi localy. I’ve set up NC Passwords ap and activated End2End encryption. On the web interface and the firefox addin everything works as expected. When I open the App I have to enter my master password to get access. But I have a huge problem with the android app. When I’m connected to my local WiFi I have to enter the master password before I can access my passwords. However, when I’m not in my local WiFi and open the App I get a notification that I can see only a localy cached version. When I click on OK I can see all my passwords without entering the master password. This is a huge security issue! Is there a setting to fix this or is it a bug?

Versions I’m using:

  • NC Passwords App: 2023.10.30
  • Android App: 23.2.2
  • NextCloudPi: 27.0.1
  • Phone: Samsung Galaxy S23+


I think all three android apps have the option to add a pin code or biometric auth.