NC on Ubuntu bihims iis reverse proxy

Hi all
I’m trying to get https working properly. My setup is like this: I have a Windows server (and I want to keep it like that :blush:) with Ubuntu running as a virtual machine on hyper v. I have set iis up to function as reverse proxy, and Nextcloud is running on the virtual machine.
What I want to do is configure ssl going through the reverse proxy. I’ve installed a certificate on IIS using let’s encrypt but when I load NC I get a certificate error.
Im not very proficient in infrastructure (to say the least) so can anyone dumb this down for me and explain how I need to set this up?

Thanks :blush:

Hi @lasserh

Maybe this thread is of any help…

…or you might consider using something diffrent like nginx or HAProxy. Those are widely used with Nextcloud and it should be much easier to find help and working configs on the internet.


IIS is an absolute pain to work with, and it’s near impossible to find examples or easy to read documentation. Better set up an nginx or HAProxy as bb77 recommends, maybe in another VM or even docker.
I abandoned my Windows Server setup, that I used in the cited post, ages ago and never looked back.

Thanks for the reply. This was exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks!