NC Login v2 fails


I’m using nextcloud (16.05 in a VM, ubuntu 18.04 x64 with apache 2.4, mariadb 10.4.41, php 7.2.22) behind a haproxy box with ssl offloading and letsencrypt.

The problem, that I have now is, that I can’t register a new Desktop Client for filesync or a mobile device for example, to connect to Nextcloud Talk.

If I try to register a new client / device for an existing user, I get the Error

CSRF check failed. Access denied.

or (on a desktop client) I get a message within the internal IP-Address of my haproxy box.

I think, there is a misconfiguration with my haproxy loadbalancer so far. But I can’t find the reason.

Already registered and activated clients are working properly.

I hope, You can help me or give me some usefull advice.

Thanks in advance.

Same Problem here.
Using the Nextcloud Snap together with HaProxy.

The old login works, so I am still using the client 2.5.3 (Appimage @ Ubuntu)

I tried setting some proxy configurations, but nothing changed:
overwriteprotocol : https (Haproxy does ssl termination)
overwritehost : cloud.mydomain.tld
trusted_proxies : , (machine ip)


yesterday I was able to solve this problem.

I found the solution here:

hth. :slight_smile: