NC Linux App not remembering password

Hi all,

Did a fresh install of the new Linuxmint 19 on my laptop this past weekend.

The Nextcloud client now asks on every bootup for a password. It did not do this with the previous install of LM18.3.

Since I use 2FA, I have to recreate a new password every time,

How can I get the Sync to remember the password?

I do use the password keyring now, same as the previous installation.

Not an answer but I have exactly the same problem. Anybody a solution?

I had the same problem once. Needed an unlocked keyring before starting the client. Now I unlock the keyring when logging in and everything works fine.

Can you check for/install the following packages, especially if you are on a Ubuntu 18.04 (-> Mint 19) based distribution: libgnome-keyring0 libgnome-keyring-common
After installing them, I think it is required to log out/log in or even reboot.


Thank you Nytrm. I confirm that your solution works. NextCloud client now remembers the passwords! Am on Linux Mint 19 cinnamon.

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Thank you @Nytrm! I was losing my mind trying to resolve this on Fedora Cinnamon and then found this post. All it took was a “dnf install libgnome-keyring”, log out then back in and I was in business.

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