NC/DAVx5 setup on Android: "there are no calendars (yet)" error

Hi. I am new to Nextcloud and am trying to set up my Android to sync with the NC calendar and contacts.

I got my NC account set up in NC/DAVx5 but when I tap on my account in DAVx5 I can see “there are no calendars (yet)” and “there are no address books (yet)”. I can’t see any way to change that and couldn’t find this error message in the NC forum, nor on a wider Internet search.

Note that my files sync succesfully between my Nextcloud account on the phone and the PC.

This is what happens when I use the NC app (see screenshot):

  • each time I open “sync calendar and contects” in the Android NC app, it requires me to log in with DAVx, though I no longer have to enter credentials. It does ask to grant access each time.
  • DAVx then shows a prompt allowing to (again) create the account that already exists.
  • I ignore that and click the existing account, but under the different tabs it says “there are no calendars (yet)”, etc.

I also tried the OneCalendar app as an alternative, but there I can’t even log into my NC account using my Webcal address. (“Error adding your Nextcloud account: an error occurred while sending the request: NO RESPONSE”)

I have a de-googled “/e/” Android phone, loosely based on LineageOS.

Any help appreciated.