NC Client not syncing with Server automatically - manual intervention required

Hello and good day to you.

I’m hoping that someone can help me understand what’s going on or what I’ve got to do in order to get this problem solved.

NC 15.0.4 installed on FN 11.2 U5 (FreeNAS MiniXL)

NC Client 2.5.2. on all devices. All devices are running W10Pro, only one on 1809, the rest on 1803. The problem does not depend on the Windows version.

There are 5 Laptops and 1 Desktop. The Desktop is the control PC with access to the FN Data without reservation. All the Laptops have read only access to the Data except for a designated folder within the structure.

The data tree has 5 primary directories. Each of the 5 directories has the same hierarchy (structure) beneath it. The size of the directories ranges from a gigabyte to 17 gigabytes. Within each of the 5 directories, each of the users has a designated folder. Designated folders give full permission to the Designated User.

Again, for clarity, all Users can read the Data regardless of it being designated or not. Users can only write in their own designated folder.

The administrator (Desktop) adds data to the entire structure using the Client but may, on occasion, move files around (within the structure) using a direct share (SMB/CIFS) on the Server.

The problem I’m having has no exceptions. It is happening on all the devices.

Folder/File changes made are not being finding their way to Designated Folders.

User1 on PC1, changes or modifies files or structure within their Designated folder. These will not be reflected on other clients (PC2 > PC5 automatically. This condition will remain in effect until and unless the following procedure is followed.

Client (UserN/PCx) will not receive files. Time is not part of this problem, waiting as long as a week still does not see the files taken in by the Clients on PCx.

From PCx/UserN, data is visible on web UI, not on PC.

Close web UI if open.
Pause sync, log out, quit.
Open web UI.
Restart client, log in as UserN
Restart client on PCn, log in, resume sync.

From here, it’s working as expected. After a full scan is completed, the files start downloading. Download of files can be observed viewing Client UI.

Simply pausing/resuming the client, forcing the sync on the client or quitting/restarting the client is of no effect. Opening the web UI may be of no consequence in the process described above but without it, nothing seems to happen.

Please and thank you (for your help/time)

Berold B

It sounds like you’re doing something really weird… Are you accessing the Nextcloud data folder directly on these devices?


I should have mentioned, and I apologize, it was working as expected in the past.

It changed a few (3/4) weeks back.

I’m confident that the setup is good. I can send snapshots if you like.

Berold B

I don’t think you’re supposed to do that.

My understanding is that if any manual file changes are made that you need to run occ files:scan to update the database before changes are visible.

If you’re working with a network share, consider mounting it in Nextcloud as external storage rather than modifying the data folder directly.

Thank you for your reply.

After manual updating, I do run occ files:scan however that’s not the major issue for me.

The problem is that there seems to be no automatic update happening on ‘receiving’ PCs unless I intervene manually.

What are the chances that this might be a firewall or Group Policy issue?


I would say neither case is likely.