NC Client development and deployment process

Hi, i am wondering how the plan and process for the NC Clients is defined. Since publishing of the 2.5.x versions in November there are constant problems with the clients and a lot of them are reported in this forum as well as in at github. However by looking into the repo the change log tops with version 2.5.1 in late 2017. The last stage version published by next cloud was the 2.3.3 version (which still works in my machine).

Is the NC client just a fork from owncloud or is there also own development on the client?
The own cloud repo for the client shows a 2.5.3 as latest version and seems to have more active development.

Is there something which should prevent me from using the own cloud client instead of the next cloud client?

Thanks and kind regards


It is a fork and for a long time it was just a specific theming. Now they diverge a bit, the end-to-end-encryption is new, the whole login flow, …
The ownCloud client still connects but already triggers a warning. They started to implement new features, a checksum control, a delta-sync (still in development), but a few things that need new stuff on the server. So if you have an old OC client, it will probably still work but it’s not sure for how long. NC must have its own reliable client.