NC box on backorder in UK [confirmed]

Hi, I ordered a NC BOX yesterday and got a email today from the WD Store to say that my order is on backorder. Any idea how long the wait is at the moment. The shop still shows that they are in stock.

Thanks in advance, Greg.

You’ll get a faster response from WD directly as NC don’t manage stock/shipments.

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Can someone tell me the model number for the NC BOX. I am trying to contact WD about my backordered BOX but the online web form insists on a model number?

Has anyone else been able to successfully order a BOX in the UK in the last few days?

@jospoortvliet one for you?

I’ve mailed WD asking if there’s an issue in the UK and how to deal with serial numbers.


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I phoned WD and they have confirmed that the NC BOX is on backorder in the UK. Over a very scratchy phone line to India he seemed to be saying it should ship next week but to phone back if I don’t hear from them and they may be able to give me a expected shipping date then. At the moment they don’t have a shipping date for my order.

btw, The web support contact form is useless, the email I got from them just said to phone them.

Sorry… I haven’t heard back from WDLabs either. But knowing how the production and shipping goes, it should be back in stock in a few weeks at most. It is the customs which causes the bug unknown - they can hold shipments anywhere between 1 and 30 days…

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Thanks for looking into this, I phoned today and still no delivery date.

My delivery was announced just a minute ago. I ordered my box on december 13th and it is delivered to germany.

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I’ve just been given a delivery date of Wed 28th. :slight_smile:

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I’ve still not got mine, UPS seems to have chucked it into a dusty corner of their warehouse. Their online and text notifications are useless. If you need to contact UPS about an order in the UK their phone number is 0345 7877877. A computer will answer just say ‘agent’ to get to a human. Hopefully mine will arrive on Monday.


Arrived today from ups. :grinning: