Nc-backup selection fields disappeared after update to 1.33.0

I recently installed NCP on a RPi4 8G, running Raspbian Lite. Everything was working great, and I started exploring some of the features in the NCP admin panel - one of which was to enable automatic updates (specifically just for NCP itself for now).

Unfortunately, all the selection fields in the nc-backup window have disappeared after the update to 1.33.0. The only thing I see now is the “Apply” button. The entry fields for all the other elements in the Backup section appear to still be visible.

Is this a bug?

There is definitely something wrong on your side, here all options are there as for me nc-backup looks as intended in 1.33.0

You could try nc-update to reinstall ncp 1.33.0, probably that helps

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Ran an ncp update and that fixed it. Thanks! You’re two for two.

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