Nc-automount for rpi 5 Pi M.2 HAT+

Hello I have tried setting up auto mount for my 4TB M.2 SSD but It doesn’t get recognized. It showed up in the hardware configuration. I flashed the Nextcloudpi image on the SD card.
Am I doing something wrong?
Is the auto mount feature only for USB storage?

As far as I know with the hat the ssd becomes more like an internal disk.
Have you tried to add the disk with fstab already?

I wasn’t shure if everything would work correctly. Do I just have to format the drive, auto mount it at boot and change the permissions?
And the I can add the path in web gui?
Will the BTRFS feature work?

there were three sites that helped me setting up my nvme boot option for rpi-5:

there is a direct link to the original RPi-Foundation doc with the codes of the different options for rpi-eeprom-config:

and maybe you find some helpful tipps at pimoroni (seller of a nvme-adapter):