NC Android: New files (photos) for AutoUpload are registered after hours

Nextcloud version 27.1.5
Nextcloud Android App Version 3.27.0 (Android 13)

The issue you are facing:
AutoUpload works mostly fine. However, it happens that it takes up to hours that new photos are being uploaded.
Example: In the morning (until 11am) I take a photo once in a while, alltogether mayber 20 photos. All the time I’m connected to the WiFi.
However, only the first ~10 photos are being uploaded. The rest is being uploaded much later… maybe in the evening or the next day.
I couldn’t “convince” the NC client to detect new photos.

  • In the photo gallery, the photos are shown, of course
  • In “Uploads”, it says “No uploads available”
  • In the folder preview for AutoUpload, the new photos are even shown!
  • But its not possible to trigger a “check for new photos and upload them” or something like this… not until after hours they are being uploaded (automatically)
  • Restarting the NC app didn’t work
  • Reconnecting to the WiFi didn’t work

(I know, I could manually upload them into any folder, and this would work, but this is not what I want.)

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error?
No, this happened several times already.

The output of your Nextcloud log in Admin > Logging:
(irrelevant: It’s an issue in the Android app. The photos are not even sent to the server)

Any idea?

I’m not sure if this helps, but I’ve found that on my Redmi (soon to be rooted), it can take a long time for photos I take with OpenCamera to show up in the Android photo gallery, even though they are accessible in opencamera’s internal gallery.

I’ve found that when they eventually show up in the android gallery, they then upload a little after that in nextcloud.

Sorry if this is no help, but maybe a datapoint for you.

Thanks, but no: In the (official) Photo gallery as well as in the file explorer the photos are visible instantaneously. So they should be there, ready to be uploaded… ^^

My phone is a Google Pixel 4a btw (in case this matters…), with Android 13.

Mine’s a redmi note 9 pro which was recenty wiped and upgraded to e/OS.

so its not (necessarily) tied to it being stok / rooted.

Btw - e/OS is frickin’ awesome. I’m deeply impressed by just how much better than stock Android (ok, ok, a low low bar) it is.

I think this is the first time I’ve actually wanted to use the stock browser and camera apps on an android OS, because they are actually GOOD. It’s a joy to use.

There’s a bit of nextcloud integration in there too, which is nice (although the Notes app doesnt want to talk to my NC box…)