NC 28.0.3 using MariaDB 11.2.2 - downgrade or leave it?

When first setting up my NC service on docker, I foolishly changed the version tags for the MariaDB image to “latest” in my compose file. After several upgrades over the past year, I am now running NC v28.0.3 in conjunction with MariaDB v11.2.2 instead of 10.6 as recommended.

My NC instance throws a few errors every day but this seems to be due to old/corrupt files, and the performance is sluggish to the point of being unusable when trying to manage the large amount of photos on a shared drive. However I haven’t seen any errors that relate specifically to an incorrect database version.

So I’m wondering if it is worth the risk/hassle of trying to downgrade MariaDB, or should I just leave it on 11.2.2 and wait for NC to catch up?

as long you don’t hit any DB issues I would recommend to stay. If you struggle with unsupported version you can easily dump your DB and restore with 10.11…

Downgrading MariaDB between major versions is not officially supported. And, there are quite a few thing that that can go wrong, so I wouldn’t recommend trying it, unless you absolutely have to…

A few snippets from the link:

Between major releases there are often substantial changes, even if none of the new features are used.

The only reliable way to downgrade is to restore from a full backup made before upgrading, and start the old version of MariaDB

Some people have reported successfully downgrading, but there are many possible things that can go wrong, and downgrading between two major versions is not tested in any way by the MariaDB developers.

If you still want to give it a try, be sure to read the link above carefully. :wink:

I would leave it as it is. It would be interesting to know how you got the fairly new MariaDB. You should try to prevent this in the future.

I found quite recently that for nextcloud recommended MariaDB version is 10.6. I’m using 11.3 now and everything is working perfectly. I’m planning to just wait till 11.x verion is gonna become the recommended one. From my expirience I would say that your problems aren’t caused by DB version.